Staffy/Pitbull 2 Piece Bundle
Staffy/Pitbull 2 Piece BundleStaffy/Pitbull 2 Piece BundleStaffy/Pitbull 2 Piece BundleStaffy/Pitbull 2 Piece Bundle

Harness - Staffy & PitBull

Our Staffy Food Harness is perfect for Staffy's and Pitbulls. It is a step in harness so nothing needs to go over the head. Super versatile with a metal loop at the front and the back to clip onto your leash. his is a teal colour and not blue as it appears in the photos. The pattern image is more accurate of the background colour.

Available in two sizes. 

The harness is made of neoprene on the outside and airflow cool mesh on the inside. It has plastic buckles to ensure longevity for water play. The harness clips on and off at the back. Nothing goes over the head. The harness sits below the throat so nothing pulls on the neck/throat. 

It has a loop at the front to attach an ID tag. 

Leash - Staffy/PitBull 'Food' Print

This leash features our limited edition Staffy/PitBull Food Print. It features staffys and pitbulls in various colours surrounded by the word FOOD. It's on a teal  background and suitable for both male or female dogs.

The leash is 2.5cm wide x 150cm long. It features strong metal clips and keep your dog secure. 



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