Serial Barker Collar
Serial Barker CollarSerial Barker Collar

Are your dogs driving you nuts with their constant barking? We know exactly how you feel. We tested these out for a week on two chihuahuas. We had a 50% success rate with one chihuahua not barking at all when she was wearing the collar. The male - thought he was tough and kept barking. We gave it a break for a few weeks but the barking was getting unbearable so we popped it back on him. Now he shuts up as soon as he see the collar as he doesn't want it on - hahaha! We now have a 100% success rate. 

The strap is 1.5cm wide and up to 50cm. It can be trimmed to length.

They come with a handy USB cord to recharge. One charge will last at least a week. Ours lasted 2 weeks.