Jungle Combo

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This combo includes:



*Poop Bag Holder


Dog Harness - Jungle Rhea (Navy) print - tiny small dogs

Jungle Rhea Harness

Little long hair Rhea hides behind a bush whilst tigers creep around the jungle. 

The colours are perfect for divas or studs. 

How to put on

The harness pops over the head and then clips up at the back. The straps go at the back. Fully adjustable. 


Strong durable neoprene fabric layer on top. Breathable mesh fabric in black on underside. Reversible if you want plain black on the other side. Quick release clips with D-ring for leash. 


  XS S
NECK 14-27cm 23-34cm
CHEST 14-30cm 24- 43cm


The straps are highly adjustable. The centre neoprene section is not adjustable however it does have a slight stretch. Once your dog is over 3.5 kilos, we recommend the Small.


Dog Leash - Jungle Rhea Navy

Our leashes are super sturdy! They are 1.5m long and 2.5cm wide. The hook clip at the end is super strong as well so you don't have to worry about your super muscly chi getting loose!  


Dog Poop Bag Holder - Jungle Rhea Navy print

These helpful little bags keep your poop bags close at hand. They are designed to clip onto your dogs leash, your belt loops or even your earings if you're game (ok. don't do that - they may be a little heavy :) ) 

These are from our Designer Collection. They are limited edition. They feature tiny little chihuahuas on the fabric.