Beach Vibes Combo - Small to Large Dogs

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Dog Collar - Beach Vibes
Dog Collar - Beach Vibes
Dog Harness - Beach Vibes
Dog Harness - Beach Vibes
Poop Bag Holder - Beach Vibes
Poop Bag Holder - Beach Vibes

Beach Vibes print is just so cute! If you love surf, sand, sea and VW Combi Vans - you will love this!

This combo includes:

  • 1 x harness
  • 1 x collar
  • 1 x leash


  • Washable
  • Fade resistant
  • Coordinating accessories available.

    The Beach Vibes Collection is available in two styles of harnesses for dogs of all sizes. This product description is for XS to Large Dogs. If you need a smaller harness please view the tiny combo here.

    The harness (XS to M) features a handle on the back to gain control of your dog. It has leash attachment points on both the front and the back. NO PULL HARNESS. Attach two leashes to the front of the harness and use it to steer your dog like horse reigns. This will give you the most control of your dog and will stop them pulling. 

    The external fabric is made of polyester to ensure the colours stay bright. It wipes clean and does not stretch or wear with water. The inside fabric is a breath easy mesh, providing extra comfort.

    Scampalina Jolie is a 20 kilo Staffy Cross wearing the size Medium on it's smallest setting.

    Fifi is a Chi/Pug and she wears the XS on the smallest setting and it is a bit big for her.

    XS 32 - 38 32 - 62 19
    S 40 - 64 46 - 64 24
    M 52 - 65 56 - 76 28
    L 54 - 70 56 - 90 30


    • Clips at neck and waist
    • Highly adjustable straps
    • Handle to gain control of your dog
    • D loop on chest and back to attach leash
    • Can be used as a 'no-pull' harness
    • Can connect two leashes to gain control of your dog



    Fits necks 38cm to 53cm. Collar is 2.5cm wide.



     A lovely teal blue colour with brown surf waves feature on this leash. It matches perfectly with the Beach Vibes harness and collar. 

    Leash is available in two thicknesses, both are 150cm long. 

    Thin: 1.5cm wide x 150cm long. Smaller, lighter clips.

    Thick: 2.5cm wide x 150cm long