Pug Buz - Life Vest
Pug Buz - Life VestPug Buz - Life Vest

This life vest is a must for small dogs this summer. It features soft neoprene inside and out to provide a nice squishy comfortable fit. The flotation filling continues around under the neck and the belly to keep your dogs neck up above the water line. It features a soft handle to enable you to quickly grab your dog in the event of a shark - ok just kidding - in the event of a big wave etc. The straps are highly adjustable around the neck and waist to ensure a perfect fit. 

This is designed by us, to have minimal interference with your dogs limbs. It is small and fitted like a harness with no bulky bits. Walking and running is easy in this vest. Clip the leash on and off you go. You don't need a separate harness for the beach this summer. 


Items are hand made, please allow for 1cm difference.

Size 1

Back length: 19cm
Chest is adjustable from 37 to 45cm





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