Mini Squeaky Plush
Mini Squeaky PlushMini Squeaky Plush

Mini Squeaky Plush are all between 10 & 15cm in size. The perfect size for tiny dogs. These are great for your small dog to pick up and take to bed to snuggle. They are not super tough and do contain a squeaky valve inside. If you notice any rips or tears, simply remove the squeaky valve. 

Winky is a soft vintage pink with bold lashes and a slight glitter. She's super soft and snuggly for your tiny dog to take to bed. She also squeaks. 

Starlight is a soft grey with sleepy eyes, ready to curl up in bed with your small dog.

Our chihuahuas have been snuggling with these for a few weeks and have not chewed them. They do chew the squeaky rubber toys but not these ones.



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