Dog Leash - Flamingo Palms
Dog Leash - Flamingo PalmsDog Leash - Flamingo Palms

Flamingo Palms

This leash features our limited edition Flamingo Palms Print. It features pink flamingos and blue, purple and yellow palm leaves on a navy background. It's suitable for both male or female dogs.

The leash comes in two sizes.

Thin: 1.5cm wide x 150cm long. It features strong but smaller metal clips for small dogs. This is suitable for all sized dogs but looks best paired with the Size 1 & 2 Flamingo Palm Harnesses.

Thick: 2.5cm wide x 150cm long. It features stronger and larger clips. This is suitable for the larger harnesses from Size 3 and up. Features black neoperene inside the handle to hide the dirt and for extra comfort when handling large dogs.


Collars, Poop Bag Holders, Harnesses etc. are all sold separately unless part of a bundle.